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The Enneagram Journey

Feb 27, 2018

On this episode of the Enneagram Journey, Suzanne talks with Drew Moser. Drew is a 3 on the Enneagram. He’s married to Bekah, a 1 on the Enneagram, and together they raise 5 children.

Drew is a Dean and Professor at Taylor University in Indiana. He’s also a writer, speaker, and consultant on twentysomethings...

Feb 20, 2018

Continuing the series for Suzanne's new book The Path Between Us, she is talking with Dave Barnes who is a 7 on the Enneagram. 

​Dave is a musician and comedian who lives in Nashville with his wife, Annie, (who is an 8 on the Enneagram) and their 3 kids.

His new album Who Knew It Would Be So Hard To Be Myself...

Feb 13, 2018

This is the first of a 9 part series around the new book The Path Between Us.

Today we are talking with Casey McCollum, a 5 on the Enneagram. 

Casey is married with 2 kids living in Denton, TX. He is a former Pastor of 15 years who now utilizes his experience and the Enneagram as a consultant for individuals, churches,...