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The Enneagram Journey

Mar 27, 2018

Continuing The Path Between Us series, Suzanne talks with Heather Mustain who is a 6 on the Enneagram. She is a pastor in Dallas, mother and wife to Chad Mustain (Enneagram 1).

Mar 23, 2018

Continuing the series for The Path Between Us, Suzanne talks with Joe Owen. He is an 8 on the Enneagram. 

He is a lawyer, married to his wife Lori who is a 1, father of 3 boys.

Mar 13, 2018

On this episode, we continue with The Path Between Us series talking to Jill Herrington who is an Enneagram 9.

She completed the Apprentice Program, has worked in healthcare for the past 15 years, and now has started her own business.

Mar 6, 2018

On this episode, Suzanne continues with The Path Between Us series talking to Rose Estes, who is an Enneagram 4.

She is a former social worker, now stay at home mom. Her husband Webb is a 6 on the Enneagram and they have 2 daughters.
We hope you enjoy their conversation!