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The Enneagram Journey

Jan 3, 2020

Special Episode!

Dr. Barbara Rila joined Suzanne at the Micah Center in front of a small audience to talk about Trauma, Adoption, and the Enneagram, so we went ahead and recorded it to share. This is Part 1 of either 2 or 3 where Suzanne and Barbara introduce themselves and why they're having the discussion and then tackle the topic of Trauma.

"Every enneagram number finds a victim spot in the low side of their stress number." - Suzanne

This episode includes:

  1. Definition of Trauma
  2. Genetic predisposition vs. Environment
  3. Movement in the Enneagram during trauma
  4. Parenting Styles and Trauma
  5. Pro Social Behavior
  6. A good chunk of Enneagram 6 talk

Enjoy the episode and please share it with anyone you think may need or want to hear it!